SPA  FOX is a unique Neuromuscular Relaxation and Treatment Massage Spa located in Pickerington, Ohio. 

Reemerge rejuvenated with diminished pain and discomfort with our BODYWORK BASIC SERVICES or one of our exclusive SIGNATURE PREMIER SPA PACKAGE, which includes a Signature white bathrobe,  a complimentary glass of champagne while delighting in our Signature Saltwater Foot Spa. 

The Bio-Spa Salt Lamp Room is our Treatment Room centered and designed to enhance the total essence of our self-care philosophy due to its 3-wellness empowering components of Biomat technology, Salt Lamps, and Massage Treatment. 

The Biomat is scientifically-proven to reduce stress levels and reduce inflammatory processes, such as arthritis. Salt lamps improve air quality for improved breathing, and massage has a plethora of benefits which effectively increases oxygen and blood circulation while reducing  pain and discomfort. 

As owner, I am honored to offer this experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Licensed Health Practitioner and a certified Colon Hydrotherapist with I-ACT and medical experience of 10+year experience as an EMT / Flight Nurse / Radiology Tech in the United States Air Force, and my continued studies in Alternative Medicine.

I look forward to this journey in wellness with you.


Paulette Dalton, LMT, CT, (R) ARRT